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John Stortz & Son, Inc. is a fifth generation American family of toolmakers located in “Old City” Philadelphia. Our record of longevity is still based on a commitment to our customer’s needs and their satisfaction. Behind every “Stortz” tool, stands our pledge to offer you superior quality products, competitive pricing and prompt customer service. We manufacture and distribute roofing tools, masonry tools, paint scrapers, other scraping tools, cooperage tools, and gardening tools.

Our well known line of slate tools includes rippers, hammers, cutters, and stakes. As the sheet metal roofing industry continues to grow we supply a line of sheet metal tools that include soldering irons and accessories, snips, standing seam tools, and many tools for general bending purposes. Our masonry tools include our unique Washington Pattern brick hammers, multi-purpose wall scrapers and our full line of brick pointing tools. The exceptional wood handled paint scrapers are preferred by the tradesmen because of the superior blade sharpness, overall strength and durability.

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