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Standing Seam Roofing Tools

More standing seam roofs are being installed than ever before.  As a roofing contractor, being outfitted with specialty oriented standing seam tools is imperative to quoting jobs.  With the right tools, you can beat out competitors quotes by being able to not only do the job faster, but do it better. 

Do you own the lightest, strongest style double seamer?  Is your tinner's hammer old and marring material?  Do your first and second stage locker need an upgrade?  Proper tools ---> Improved Work --> Better Reputation ---> More Jobs = $$$$.  Shop Stortz for a first class offering of sheet metal tools.

ESE Standing Seam
Hand Seamers

The ESE line of first stage and finish standing seam hand seamers are common place amongst sheet metal workers. A hardy tool, drip edge bender and power seamer are also available.
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RAU Sheet
Metal Tools

Rau Sheet Metal Tools are a European line of products specially designed for use in various sheet metal applications such as standing seam work, closing of eaves, and numerous crimping applications.

Roofing Double

The tool offers 2 different heights for closing and locking seams. The seamer can also be used as a backstop for bending purposes. It is your most basic item to work with standing seam profiles.

Stubai Tools

Stubai tools are Austrian made and are know for high quality.  Products produced include clinching pliers, hand seamers, snips, and sheet metal hammers.

DI Roof Seamers

DI Roof Seamers - A USA company that specializes in everything standing seam. From clamps, to hand tools, to power seamers.

Shrinker & Stretcher

A shrinker and stretcher is used to create concave and convex bends in sheet metal. Lancaster products are all USA made.

Tinner's Hammers

Tinner's Hammers are important because they will not leave marks on your metal like a regular hammer will.

Sheet Metal Roofing Tongs

Sheet Metal Roofings Tongs are heavy duty and will not be found in any of the big box stores.They can be used for heavier gauges and offer a variety of angles, widths, and depths for sheet metal bending.

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Snow Retention Systems are devices that are attached to the roof structure in order to provide uniform retention and control the snow from avalanching in large sheets.