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Standing Seam Roofing Tools

Standing Seam roofs are a series of interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof’s ridge to the eave. The “standing seam” is raised so that water runs off without finding its way between the panels. This type of roof has amazing value when comparing the cost to the longevity. A standing seam metal roof is virtually maintenance free and can last upward of 50 years. Being both fire and wind resistant, you will commonly find these types of roofs installed in hurricane related environments.

As Standing Seam roofing grows in popularity, it’s important to save time and energy by making sure you are outfitted with the right equipment. At Stortz we have tried to add to our product line the best tools when installing standing seam metal roofs. Whether it be the well known line of ESE standing seam roofing tools for closing the first and second stage of the standing seam, or our Stortz line of Double Seamers for creating seams the primitive way, we have the tools to get the job done right.

ESE Standing Seam
Hand Seamers

The ESE line of first stage and finish standing seam hand seamers are common place amongst sheet metal workers. A hardy tool, drip edge bender and power seamer are also available.
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RAU Sheet
Metal Tools

Rau Sheet Metal Tools are a European line of products specially designed for use in various sheet metal applications such as standing seam work, closing of eaves, and numerous crimping applications.

Roofing Double

The tool offers 2 different heights for closing and locking seams. The seamer can also be used as a backstop for bending purposes. It is your most basic item to work with standing seam profiles.

Stubai Tools

Stubai tools are Austrian made and posses the highest quality. From clinching pliers, to seamers, to hammers, this product line is the cream of the crop of European sheet metal tools.

DI Roof Seamers

DI Roof Seamers - A USA company that specializes in everything standing seam. From clamps, to hand tools to power seamers, these tools


Malco is a USA tool company with a wide array of products ranging from cutting drill attachments, metal bending and cutting tools, and slate products.

MASC Tools

Masc Tools are made in Germany. The designs of these tools are innovative and will make life easier

Marking Tools

Marking Tools - Tools to help mark and measure. Chalk lines, pencils, and scribers.