Accu-Seamer FAQ’s

Q. When is expected delivery for the Accu-Seamer?
A. We are anticipating the arrival of the Accu-Seamer in the first half of September.  We hope to have all order shipped by the end of the summer (Sept 22nd)

Q. Will I be able to get an Accu-Seamer if I don’t pre-order?
A. There are no guarantees if it’s not pre-ordered. We are bringing in a number that is in line with the amount of pre-orders we have taken and there will be extras up to a point.

Pre Order Page for the Accu-Seamer

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The price will be around $2,500. This price varies on the exchange rate and duties.

Q. What profiles and thickness will it work on?
A. It is tested on 24 gauge steel successfully. Compared to Europe, the US market has a wider array of mechanically locked profiles. The Accu-Seamer is meant to work on profiles that are 1/2″ across (25mm).


Q. Can I purchase the cutting wheel accessories?
A. At this time, we are not accepting pre-orders or orders for the cutting accessory. Its delivery will follow that of the Accu-Seamer and we will keep you posted.

Q. How much will the cutting accessory cost?
A. We expect the price to range between $600-$800. There are no plans to sell the Accu-Seamer as a cutting tool only at this time. You would have to own an Accu-Seamer to use the cutting wheels.

Q. What is the max thickness the cutting wheels will cut?
A. We will safely say 24 gauge at the minimum. A video below shows it cutting through a shovel.


We appreciate the patience of those who have already pre-ordered the machine. We know you have upcoming projects that you’d like to use this machine on, and we’ll do our best to get you the product as soon as possible.

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