Stop Stress Caused by Unsightly Scratches

Homeowners can be tough to convince that marks and scratches come with the territory of hand closing panels and fabricating roof systems. No one imagines their newly purchased roof’s seams or eaves looking scratched and worn. Keeping seams and panels in the best condition possible during installation is the sign of a professional and caring contractor. If scratches have plagued you in the past, there are some tool alternatives that may be able to aid in your quest for the “perfect” installation. Here’s a look at some:

Biegetec Locking Tool – Completes the first & second stage bends on mechanically locked panels

The Biegetec seamer is constructed specifically for standard (1/2″ across) mechanically locked standing seam profiles. These panels often stand 1″ high, but are occasionally made in 1.5″ or 2″ heights as well. While the seamer excels at finishing 180° double locked seams, it also does a hell of a job closing the first stage as well. One tool for BOTH FIRST AND SECOND STAGE! It’s a metal roofing miracle! While the seaming concept is like other European style closers, the Biegetec is ultra protective using a special hardened PVC strip to make contact with the metal when closing. These are a great alternative to painted or brass closing tools because the PVC will not scratch or mar the material. Tight manual seam locking with no scratches = impressed clients.

PVC Jaws Pliers (Straight & 45°)

From the reputable Austrian manufacturer Stubai, the replaceable PVC Jaws Pliers are a great addition to any metal roofers toolbox. Anytime you are working with painted materials, these will be the choice for metal bending in order to protect your coating. The PVC jaws are replaceable when worn, and the stainless steel construction is virtually indestructible.

PVC Double Seamer

The Stubai PVC Double Seamer has been a popular selection among copper and zinc installers for quite some time. Slightly angled working edges provide a precise, soft bending edge for folding seams. The edges stand at 1″ and 1-3/8″ (25mm & 35mm) as is standard sizing for seaming anvils. The longer plastic board stands a uniform 1″.  When it comes time to manually close seams with a hammer and a seaming anvil, we highly recommend paying mind to the beating your metal is taking and using a PVC Double Seamer.

This hammer is far from new to the metal roofing scene, but remains a top selling hammer for good reason. The 1-1/4″ deadblow hammer finds itself useful for all sorts of metal forming and shaping. Its anti-recoil design benefits striking sheet metals and the PVC heads are non marring. Use this hammer for eave or flashing details, flattening interlocking panels, or any other custom scenarios you can think of. The wedged PVC hammer is included as the industry standard.

When you’re fabricating panels or copings that are going to be seen from the ground, you need to stabilize your material without marring the metal.  This is where the EZS clamp will be a good clamp to have on hand.  The EZS one hand clamp is simple, lightweight, and strong enough to stabilize metal to a surface so you can make the necessary bends and cuts without damaging the surface.  EZS clamps have plastic non-slip pods to contact the surface and an easy release system to keep you moving on your job.