The Falz Bender

Perfect Profiles Everytime

Produce consistent mechanically locked profiles by hand. Great for end panels, tapered panels, or even doing a whole roof.

No Pan Former, No problem


Leading Custom Jobs to Profitability 


Easily portable to the job site to begin profiling with minimal set up

Profiles All Materials

24 gauge steel, 26 gauge stainless, .032 zinc & aluminum, and 20 oz copper

Custom Panels

Works to create curved/radius, tapered, and starting panels with uniform results

Other Awesome Products

The Falz Bender is only 1 revolutionary product in a line of incredible tools. 

  • The Double Falz Seamer is used for the seaming of single and/or double standing seam roof panels
  • For Seaming 1″ or 1.5″ high profiles – NO HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT NEEDED
  • Lightweight: 11.5lbs
  • Speed: up to 100ft / min (traditional seamers are 30ft/min)
  • The XL-150 is a roll bending tool that can form various edge profiles for your project needs.
  • Commonly used on metal roofing materials to form gable edges or male/female mechanical locking profiles while not limited by length (as a brake would be).
  • Tool is particularly useful on painted metals since the angled bearings allow you to turn a 90° flange without scratching the panel paint.

Seaming Pro


  • The Seaming Pro combines the most desired features in one seaming unit:
    • Lightweight – 14lbs (without drill)
    • Double lock in one pass – 1st and 2nd Stage seaming in one pass up the seam. (1st only possible)
    • Cutting capability – Cutting wheels included for dismantling panels when needed
  • Cordless operation – Works with conventional (18v, 5 amp) cordless power drills – (drill not included)

Bad Ass

Pro Profiling


We guarantee that all FALZ BENDER is made of high quality materials and does not have any
manufacturing defects. In case your device turns up the following defects, we will eliminate them in
accordance with the law free of charge. Therefore, we give 1 (one) year limited warranty on our tools
from the date of invoice. Limited warranty applies only to first sale. You must contact the company
that has sold the product to file claims. Be sure that you have the purchase document! The device
must be delivered for repair in a complete set.

I completed a 35 square job all by myself in an area outside of the US where I was unable to ship my pan former – a huge time saver. – Orion Jenkins of Jenkins Slate Master

“Superior profiles than a pan former. Does not stress the material as quickly for crisp, straight bends.”

“It’s a shame it’s not available for 1 1/2″ as this works great for job site panel bending.”

“Perfect replacement for handing bending 5 times with a standard roll bender. Major difference maker.”

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