If mechanically locked standing seam is your line of work, and you have panels on top of panels to lock day after day, you need a power seamer. Hand locking will only take you so far and even though the cost of a power seamer may cause some sticker shock, it’s a worthwhile investment when you consider:

  • Speed – Most power seamers will close at least 30 ft per minute
  • Consistency – Each seam comes out looking clean with no transition crimp marks
  • Longevity – Power seamers are built to last getting years and years of use

We currently sell 3 models that each have their selling points. Let’s take a look:


Wuko Sprinter


Wuko is an Austrian based company that is the trusted maker of many types of sheet metal bending roller tools. The Sprinter is a finely engineered power seamer that has many subtle nuances that demand the higher price tag.

  • 2 working speeds – 23 or 40 ft / minute
  • Will single or double lock seams in one pass. For single lock, just engage the front handle.
  • Works on either 1″ or 1 1/2″ seam heights. Substitute wheels are used for this transition.
  • An electronic sensor will stop the power seamer at the end of the seam, and then with the push of a button it will send the Sprinter back down the SAME seam, so you do not have to lift and walk the seamer back.
  • Will seam on curved panels – Min radius for convex is 31.5 ft, Min radius for concave is 47.2 ft. Can do tighter but not recommended.
  • Cutting roller accessory also available for panel removal. Just install the roller and cut the panels below the rib. Major bonus of this power seamer.
  • A final advantage of the Sprinter is that if you do not have the right amount of power, it will only blow the fuse, and not the whole motor which is a simple fix.
  • Only 42 lbs
  • Lead time depends and can vary up to a few weeks. Prepare early!


ESE K9 Power Seamer


ESE is the established name in the sheet metal industry as they “Stand for Standing Seam”. You can read about the start of ESE and how the advent of pan-formers began here. The K9 is the Cadillac of power seamers and saves a fortune in the long run.

  • This seamer is the evolution of decades of use in the fields which no other seamer can say. When it comes to reliability, you can be certain that the K9 will function as described.
  • Seams 30 ft /minute
  • Can form a double lock in a single pass. To convert to only seaming the first stage, switch the 1st and 2nd rollers with the R2, single lock rollers. A 90° seam is bi-directional with this seamer.
  • Will seam 1″ or 1 1/2″. To convert to 1 1/2″, reference this web page.
  • Maximum Sheet Metal Thickness – 24 ga Steel, .032 Aluminum, 20 oz. Copper
  • Made in the USA and the lead time is usually 1-2 weeks.


DI 4 Station Power Seamer

Developmental Industries Roof Seamers are located in Corinth, Mississippi. DI’s business is strictly Power Seamers. They own the rental market (if you aren’t ready to purchase, they offer rental agreements for $45 a day) and service hundreds of seamers a year. They know roof panels and seamers like no other. They also offer various alternatives to the 4 station which will be described below:

  • Seams 34.2 ft / minute
  • Equipped with a quick-disconnect plug for added safety.
  • Max sheet metal thickness is 24 gauge steel. DI does make seamers under the “industrial series” for thicker material.
  • Will seam the 1st stage bidirectionally (see video below). This is done with the 1st and 4th rollers being the same, and 2nd and 3rd rollers being the same. Lift the tool right off the one panel and send it down the next.
  • For 180° seaming, the tool must be walked back down and started again.
  • DI has prompt customer service and takes pride in this aspect of their business. They make seamers for hundreds of different panel types and have seen it all. Feel comfortable that this seamer will work for you.
  • Most economically priced seamer on the market.
  • Weighs 37 lbs
  • 6 month /  25-hour manufacturers limited warranty
  • Resource guide
  • 1 week lead time to prepare the seamer for your panel