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Get Away From Hand Irons

No longer a need to have a furnace on the roof. Propane torches provide consistent heat, so no need to stop or swap copper tips during the job.


When there there is a lot of soldering to be done, it’s important that the iron won’t wear on your arms. Express Irons are a great choice for copper flat lock soldering.

Superior Result

Open flame soldering can be dangerous and messy. An enclosed flame provides consistent heat and leads to smooth and quality joints.

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Read What People Are Saying About express Irons

I’m 63 years old and have been soldering for forty years. It’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick ,so my boy’s tell me. I’ve purchased every soldering iron that I could find and have tried them all and found that the express self Igniting iron is the one for me. My old irons are hanging on the wall! The old dog has learned a new trick. Thank you boys

A. Pratt

Big copper gutter job and needed a good iron fast… these guys are great! Good price for a good piece of equipment. Was using the acetylene rig but always had trouble with having gas on site. Since we have our own propane station it will make sure that we always have fuel. thanx

S. Downey

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