Freund Seaming Pro

Both Stages.

One Tool. 


Seam first and second stage mechanical lock using only the Freund Seaming Pro. No hand seamers needed and the seam is completed in one pass. 


seaming pro Details

  • Seams first AND second stage in one pass with no hand seamers needed
  • Cutting wheels included to remove seams
  • Seams up to 40 feet per minute and weighs just 14lbs
  • Seaming heights: 1″ or 1 1/2″
  • Seam up to 24ga Stainless, 22ga Galvanized, 20oz Copper, 0.40 Aluminum
  • No adjustment of the tool needed at any point
  • Works with conventional (18v, 5 amp) cordless power drills – *Drill Not Included*

Watch the seaming pro in Action

No Hand Seamers

Traditional power seamers require hand seaming of the first and second stage. The Seaming Pro completes the seam by itself.


At just 14 pounds, the Seaming Pro is much more portable than standard 40+ pound power seamers.

No Crimp Marks

There are no crimp marks left by the Seaming Pro when compared to hand crimping small sections.

Warranty Information

We guarantee that all of the Seaming Pro is made of high quality materials and does not have any manufacturing defects. Therefore, we give a 1 (one) year limited warranty on this tool from the date of invoice. Limited warranty applies only to first sale. The device must be delivered for repair in a complete set.

The Seaming Pro is a complex combination of mechanical parts and has a lot of moving and wearing of parts. The wearing of parts is a normal phenomenon, not a production defect. As a result of normal usage, worn parts will not be exchanged for free. Wearing parts are for example: handle, protectors, chain, wheels, gear drive shaft, PVC gears, PVC case and all other moving parts.

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