Dan Bilzerian Throws Girl Off Roof

That’s Dan Bilzerain throwing a naked girl off of a roof. Clip here. She ended up breaking her foot and unsuccessfully trying to sue.

Why did I post this? The average attention span of a human being is down to 8 seconds. Capturing a person’s attention has to be done quicker than ever in order to maintain eyeballs.

The web has altered every aspect of life and you either adapt with it or get left behind.  Being a company started in 1853 it’s easy to get content in your roots and traditions.  Below I’ll outline a few concepts that we’ve tried to adapt.


Death-of-a-Salesman-for-Vibrant-Jung-Thing-2The Death of the Sales Pitch

Today’s selling environment is no longer when a salesman tells the audience what to purchase.  Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before and are not swayed by bright lights and catchy words.  Buyers want EDUCATION.  They want to know that what they are buying is going to work for their job.  It’s up to the company to sell them a product that meets their needs.

Taking Care of the Customer

The sale doesn’t end once money exchanges hands.  Buyers need to know that the company they are buying from is not going to leave them hanging if an unexpected event occurs.  Customer satisfaction is more important than ever.  Communication is key and Stortz prides itself on fair treatment that’s win win for both parties.

Facebook is Friendly

Roof-Fail-Fork-PartySocial media is impossible to ignore.  Facebook has 1.19 billion users and makes it easier than ever to share information.  I’ve learned that most users on Facebook are browsing the site to relax.  A post about a roofer making a bonehead move will inevitably draw more attention than 100 different flashing details.  It allows a connection between the buyer and seller which enhances the experience for all parties.

Customer Interaction

Photo from Rob Carraher of MDWe want to see your work with the tools you use.  I’ve had countless people send me pictures of projects they are working on.  I do my best to share them through Facebook because pride is associated with work and recognition is appreciated.  There’s also a learning process when you talk to people who use the tools and find unique uses for items.   Did you know that the hole on the side of this seamer can be used to hang it from the roof with a nail?   Thank Kurtis Hord.  The picture to the right was done by Rob Carraher from Maryland.

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