If you enjoy the process of dulling out your cheap snips, then trying to fix their alignment or sharpen them only to have to order a new pair before your job is finished, then stop reading this article now. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your work.  Invest in quality tools.

Below are the reasons why Bessey and Stubai Snips are going to outperform and outlast the “Box Store” snips, but it is up to the roofer to choose the path he wants to take. Poor quality snips (and tools in general) are designed for poor quality roofers.  Let’s be better.  Let’s roof better.  Homeowners notice the difference.


Better Choices – New Bessey Leverage Snips

  • Bessey Leverage SnipsSpecial High Grade Steel – With an HRC of 61+, they will stay sharper longer and lead to less effort to achieve smooth cuts
  • Easier to hold – Optimized handle angle allows one to comfortably grip the entire unit for maximum application of cutting force
  • Smooth Cutting Action – The joint area includes a sintered steel insert. This clever addition greatly reduces friction where it counts! Great for extending the tool life and for an exceptionally smooth cutting action
  • Convenient latch- A central latch on the top of the handle allows right and left handed users to open and close the snips with ease, without a change in grip
  • Cut straight, cut round, cut easier – The compact forged jaws permit high-precision cutting of curves while also being very effective at straight cuts – while the shape of the forged jaw allows work to flow past the user’s hand instead of towards for sustained (…and safer) cutting

Cutting A Lot Of Steel?  – Try The Bessey Snip Bundle 

  • Price – These tools are affordable and the few extra dollars spent will go a long way in performance and longevity
  • Longer Handle – Ideal Snips are similar to the shape and straight snips, but have a slightly longer handle length to allow more leverage to be placed with less user effort
  • Special High Grade Steel – HRC 61+ means and nice long blade life and the design allows for great maneuverability
  • Precision ground cutting jaws – Blades are not serrated, resulting in cuts that are nearly burr free with no material distortion

Tried and True

  • Combination Tin SnipsBe Professional – For the roofer that excels in copper work,  the Stubai combination tin snip is the standard
  • No Built In Spring – When the spring fails in a compound action tin snip, it’s toast. These come with a removable spring to ensure long life
  • Precise – The blades are machined smooth and the design allows for easy straight cutting as well as radius cutting
  • You Won’t Go Back – When people working with copper try these snips, they rarely change preference again

Tougher Metal Requires Tougher Blades

  • Ultimate Hardness – With an HRC up to 68, these are the hardest and most durable blades around.
  • Cut Stainless –  These snips are geared for users working primarily in stainless steel since that tends to be the toughest on blades.
  • Flows Through – They’re made for continuous straight and curved cuts, and are equipped with case hardened, high speed steel edges.
  • Treat Yourself – The price tag is often a deterrent for these top notch shears, so we are dropping the price for a limited time to honor those that have read this post.

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