Last week was the National Slate Conference in Ithaca, New York. The conference dates, 9/28-10/1, included:

  • A Walking Tour of Cornell University
  • Presentations by Ron Williams of OSHA, John Chan of Durable Slate, Gary Traver from the state of NY, Jeffrey Chusid, James Walas of Revere Copper Products, Victor Cardenes, Ph.D,. Geologist
  • Pub Crawl through Ithaca
  • Wine Tour

If you belong to the slate industry, you should be aware of the benefits that come with joining the NSA and the conference is one. Meeting people face to face is a hard line attitude to creating change moving forward. The people involved are motivated and will face the industry challenges head on.

Below are some pictures & video I took on my visit.

Cornell University Buildings

Lifting Equipment Solutions Demonstrating a Remote Controlled Crane


Slate Roof on a Chapel

Inside the Chapel

Slate Dormers

Curved Slate Cuts

Rheinzink Locked Panels