Bibby w/ Handle

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Use the stainless steel Bibby to fix the holes in the shingle.  Simply use the serrated edge on the Bibby to cut the sealant between the shingles.  Bend down the holding tabs.  Apply a line of sealant on the front and a dab on the back and slip the Bibby underneath the shingles that have holes in them. Press down on the shingle so that the sealant oozes through the holes from underneath, wipe off the excess and tap the “hidden” tabs lightly with a hammer and you’re done!

Don’t forget the extra blades

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4 reviews for Bibby w/ Handle

  1. Patrick McTavish

    John Stortz & Son not only can they sell you a tool, but they also can help with the application of the tools. They are always very helpful and friendly people, they wont try to sell you something you do not need. They are “old school”.

    Patrick McTavish

  2. Rollie Campbell (verified owner)

    Still a pain but this tool sure help

  3. Joe Marchionni

    Traditionally, most roofing contractors utilize a pry bar to break the seal from an asphalt shingle for repair purposes. Most often this method results in damaging shingles over or under the shingles intended to remain in place, access to the nails is the only purpose. This tool by far incorporates a true cost (labor/material) saver thus increasing net profitability for my company.

  4. PPM Slate Roofing (verified owner)

    Great tool for the application.

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