Brick Hammer – Wood Handle

5/5 (9 customer reviews)


  • Our Washington Pattern Brick Hammers are made of high grade forged hammer steel, specially heat treated to maintain a keen cutting edge.
  • They are perfectly balanced and superior in every respect.
  • A wide cutting bill design is featured. This design has benefited from the ongoing feedback we get from the working masons.
  • A long time regional preference, our Washington Pattern Brick Hammers are now popular with masons everywhere.
  • Blade Width – 1 3/4”
  • Head Length – 5 3/4”
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  1. Scott Adkins (verified owner)

    Great product received it product a lot quicker than expected. I would definitely order from here again

  2. Alan Tisbert (verified owner)

    I’ve been a bricklayer for 20 years. Best brick hammer I’ve owned, hands down. Superior steel & shape. Will never buy another brand again. Great people,Great service.

  3. David Enstrom (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful tool. Perfect balance, very easy on the arm and wrist. Just great.

  4. Chris Bond (verified owner)

    I bought a 16 and 20oz. They shipped right away. Arrived right on time. Great quality tools. It’s hard to find a wide but brick hammer locally. Will be ordering a couple more soon for a couple folks I work with

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Best hammer I’ve ever used for bricklaying.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    High quality tool, the wide chisel point is ideal for trimming stone far superior to an Estwing. These should be on every mason supply store shelf but I’ve never seen them out west.

  7. Stacey Hanger

    I’ve used this hammers for years since I was a apprentice they are the best brick hammers I’ve ever used.

  8. Glen Miller (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, I would definitely buy from again, very affordable price, A must have for any mason.

  9. Jon (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping! The cutting edge came ground nicely, not requiring additional sharpening. Well balanced with a slightly longer handle than the Estwing and Vaughan brick hammers. The slightly longer handle feels much better in hand.

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