Buschmann Double Seamer Value Pack


Value Kit contains everything you need to comfortably complete runs of 1″ or 1.5″ double lock standing seam

*Not compatible with conventional 2″ high seams*

Items include: Double Seamer + Extension Handle (+ support wheels – for 1″ seams) + 2in1 Mini Seamer

  • The Double Falz Seamer is used for the seaming of single and/or double standing seam roof panels
  • For Seaming 1″ or 1.5″ high profiles – NO HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT NEEDED
  • Works with conventional (18v, 5 amp) cordless power drills – (drill not included)
  • Lightweight: 11.5lbs
  • Speed: up to 100ft / min (traditional seamers are 30ft/min)
  • Ships in military grade case
  • Suitable for several materials
    • Stainless Steel – 26ga (.5mm)
    • Painted Steel – 24ga (.7mm)
    • Aluminum, Copper, Zinc – .032″ (.8mm), 24oz (.8mm), .8mm

Double FalzSeamer Instruction Manual

  • Seam Faster

    Power Seamers typically seam 40 ft per minute. The Double FalzSeamer can seam 100ft per minute.

  • Lightweight

    Nobody likes carrying 50+lb machinery around. The Double FalzSeamer (12lbs) is lightweight and portable.

  • No Crimp Marks

    There are no crimp marks left by the Double FalzSeamer when compared to hand crimping small sections.


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