Stortz Genuine Slate Cutter – 51-C

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


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  • This heavy duty slate cutter is the best choice for cutting up to 3/8” slate and finishing with a professional chamfered edge
  • The 8” blade is curved and ribbed to deliver full leverage and maximum bite
  • Smooth, long cuts on thinner pieces of slate. It can also do convex cuts
  • The blade and replaceable punch are heat treated to provide for the toughest use
  • Simple, reliable and lightweight tool is a sound lifetime investment
  • Overall Length –  22”
  • Cutting Blade Length – 8”
  • Weight –  9 lbs


  1. John Kobren (verified owner)

    Super well made and makes great cuts! I’ve been using one that I got used for over 20 years, so I have no doubt that this new one will be my son’s some day.

  2. George Easton (verified owner)

    Just got the new slate cutter and way very happy to see and feel how high quality it was. I have an old version of this and after ten years the bolt where it pivots broke and it still works with only one side holding. I have done multiple jobs with it like this. When I ordered it my crew said why get a new one. Well now they see why! It works and cuts slate terrific. I will keep old one working, maybe now I can get new bolt. Great Slate Cutter!

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