Slator Mini


HOW IT WORKS: OSHA compliant and ANSI Certified, the SLATOR tool fastens to a steep slate or asphalt shingle roof and firmly clamps a ladder into position, allowing any tradesman working on the roof easier and safer access to perform their work. Used properly, the SLATOR will help protect the roof from wear and tear, save you time, energy, and perhaps, your life. We recommend you get some, watch the tutorials and gain easier and safer access to do your best work.

  • The blue Slator-mini is the perfect tool for clamping a ladder on a steep asphalt shingle or slate roof.  It is NOT an anchor point for fall protection.  The user should have other fall protection systems in place (such as the Red Slator).  Don’t forget to buy your Slator-approved fasteners!  It won’t stay on the roof by itself.  : 

Complete instruction on how to use the slator.

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