Biegetec Finish Hand Seamer

Biegetec Finish Hand SeamerA true finish hand seamer that will not scratch the paint coating on your standing seam panels. The Biegetec hand seamer has plastic, removable, insets that guarantee a clean, non-marring bend. The tool stands at 18″ which is an additional benefit when bending upright (i.e., less stress on the back). It has been marketed as being able to complete the 1st and 2nd stage bends but it feels more like a finish seamer. The first stage down leg would have to have enough material for this tool to catch. So under certain circumstances it would work fine for both, but it can not be recommended.

Express American Quick Connect

This quick connect will outfit Express soldering irons that have an American coupling on the back of the iron. How do you know if your iron has an American coupling? The threaded portion of the male coupling coming off of the actual iron will measure right around 1/2″. The female coupling on the quick connect is a 9/16″ fitting. If you’ve purchased a soldering iron from us in the past 5 years, there’s a 99% chance this will work for your iron. Prior to then, irons with European fittings were imported directly from Europe and sold in the States (this coupling is marked 3/8″). This quick connect will most likely work for your iron and will save you the hassle of dealing with wrenches for the on-off connection.

Shrinker-Stretcher Stand

We have sold shrinker-stretcher combos for years without a stand and never felt great about it because we are putting the onus on the customer to figure it out. We’ve recently come in contact with a manufacturer who makes it easy to secure your shrinker-stretcher to a stand for easy metal crimping. There is also an upgraded model that comes with a foot pedal to allow your hands to move freely while working with the material. A major convenience when using these products.

Masc Long-Life Soldering Tips

Masc is a German company that is known for innovation. Sometimes this innovation comes at the expense of the consumer but is not the case for these long-life tips. Priced affordably at $90 ea, these tips will outlast the standard copper tip. The user must make sure not to put them in contact with hydrochloric acid and only clean them off with a damp cloth. You’ll notice these are rodded so they work particularly well with the Perkeo and Aero irons.

****Please note that these are very specialized products and our stock is limited. Lead time will be 2-3 weeks***