John Stortz & Son Inc.

Quality handtools since 1853



We’re John, Tom, Jeff, Sam, and John, the current group of guys running John Stortz and Son, Inc (yes, we have two Johns at John Stortz and Son, and neither of them are THE John); a fifth-generation tool manufacturing and distributing family business.

John Stortz & Son, Inc. was founded in 1853 by the original John Stortz in Philadelphia (read more about our early beginnings here). Currently headed by John Stortz, the three sons Tom, Jeff, and Sam, and their uncle John; Stortz Tools continues to serve the tool industry quality specialty hand tools nearly 170 years after its founding from the same Philadelphia factory where the business began.



Left to right: Jeff Stortz, John C. Stortz, Tom Stortz, John Wedzielewski, and Sam Stortz


A great craftsman once said:

“You’ll never regret buying a good tool. Nothing is quite so demoralizing as a tool hang up.”

Our goal is to provide all craftsmen, roofers, masons, coopers, etc. the tools and service they need to feel proud about the work they’ve done. When you purchase from Stortz you’ll be confident that you’ll not only get the job done, but get the job done well.

We thank our many loyal customers for their support over the years. To new friends, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Keep up the good work,


The Stortz Family