Metal Roofing Videos

  • Forming a Mechanically Locked Standing Seam Profile by Hand

    The perfect bender will bend metal past 90° with back and forth pressure. How to form a male and female mechanically locked profile also shown.

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  • Soldering a Box Gutter

    Mike of Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 from ACG Roofing is soldering part of a box gutter with an Express iron. He is using a technique called stitching or bridging when you turn the heat of the iron down and lay a second bead of solder down. This is for aesthetics as well as strengthening the joint.

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  • Express Soldering Iron Tutorial

    How to solder techniques for Express Propane Soldering Irons. A brief explanation on pre-soldering preparation, maintaining the iron, and soldering techniques both flat and vertical.

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  • Pelican Snip Cut

    Tony shows how to cut into a standing seam profile using a pair of pelican snips. The material being cut is 20oz copper. The snips work best for straight cuts and are useful in many other applications.

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  • Standing Seam Hand Seamers

    Here is a demonstration of the ESE001C and ESE099 to close a double lock standing seam. The panel is 20oz copper and female profile is 1 inch high, 1/2 inch across and 3/8 inch on the down leg. The ESE001 will close the first stage and the ESE099 will finish the seam to create a finished double locked standing seam panel.

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  • Stretching Copper for a Barrel Dormer

    Here is Tony Vizzi using a stretcher to create a radius on a piece of copper that will fit along a barrel dormer

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  • Draco 1st and 2nd Stage Hand Seamers

    A look at Draco’s hand seamers for closing the first and second stage of the double lock standing seam.

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  • Draco K Series Folding Brake

    Draco K Series Folding Brake bends metal both up and down. Ideal for both roof and wall cladding.