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How-To Metal Roofing Videos


These metal roofing videos have been taken to expose the real uses of some of the tools that are available at our online store. Some videos are taken in the field on jobsites from our customers while others are demonstrations in shop. If you would like more information on any particular product and cannot find it on our website, feel free to call us at 215-627-3855

AccuSeamer: 1″ Seam Locking (26ga painted steel)

Craig Hardin uses a combination of a PVC finish seamer and AccuSeamer to seam 26 gauge, mechanically locked steel.

AccuSeamer: 1″ Mech. Seam Locking (RheinZink)

The AccuSeamer is used to close .8mm Zinc panels.

Crescent Eave Detail

The crescent eave detail is a common and aesthetically way of finishing standing seam panels.

Standing Seam Ridge Detail

This standing seam ridge detail is a traditional means of double locking the panels at the ridge.  This will ensure a watertight ridge with no butyl tape, caulk, or penetrations from screws.

Cutting a Panel Length w/ Stubai Snips

Stubai snips are used to cut a 25′ panel

Bending a 25′ Panel With a Roll Bender

The Perfect Bender XL-150 is used to bend a 90° flange on a longer piece of sheet metal that cannot be formed in a brake.

Biegetec Hand Seamer Will Not Scratch Painted Steel

The Biegetec PVC hand locker will do the first and second stage of the mechanical locked standing seam without scratching panels.

Forming a Mechanically Locked Standing Seam Profile by Hand

The S-150 is used to create the male and female profile on a panel.

Bending a Hem on Radius Piece of Sheet Metal

Watch how Jeff uses the Wuko 6200 and 4040 to create a hemmed piece on a radius.

Securing Panel to drip Edge w/ RAU 105 & 106

The RAU105 and RAU106 are used to form and crimp a tight hem on the eaves edge.

SSX Power Seamer  – 1″ high mechanical lock

A demonstration of RollFormer’s SSX Power Seamer.  This machine can double lock 1″ or 1.5″ high seams in one pass. Notice the automatic shut off switch at the panels end.

Pitch Transition without Cutting Seams

The RAU 116 is for making precise pan forming without cutting material.  This is ideal for pitch transitions on standing seams.

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