How-To Tips

What tools do I need for Sheet Metal Roofing?

copperroofIn order to maintain high standards of craftsmanship when working with sheet metal, it is essential to outfit yourself with the right types of tools. Not only do the proper tools provide a degree of professionalism, they also will help complete the job with more efficiency. A common misconception amongst tools is that cheaper tools will save money when in fact longer lasting, higher quality tools pay off in the long run. Your quality of work determines your reputation which in turn provides more business opportunities. Below are a few suggestions from Stortz about our most popular items.

What tools do I need for Slate Roofing?

staggeredslateroofThe primary slate roofing tools consist of slate rippers, hammers, cutters, and stakes. Being outfitted with the proper tools will make working with slate much more manageable when compared with generic roofing tools. The tools involved for slate roofing help with removing broken slate for repairs, cutting and trimming slate, punching holes in slate, and installing slate. Traditional slate roofers take a high degree of pride in slate work and their tools are a statement of their quality.

Create a Male / Female Standing Seam Profile With Wuko

Wuko 3350 14" BenderHere is a step by step instruction on how to create the male and female profiles using the Wuko2202. This application is useful when bending short runs, flat sheets that extend past your brake, or slightly curved panels. A practical skill to have.

Manual Double Lock Standing Seam Operation

Many times closing a double lock standing seam manually is the only method of creating standing seams. This can come into play with curved surfaces like barrels or bay windows, or short runs where a hand seamer isn’t able to fit. Here is a 9 step process of how to create a standing seam manually

Proper Paint Scraping Techniques

143-D Oval Paint ScraperIn this demonstration, Duffy Hoffman will show how to remove paint from a an old sash using Stortz paint scrapers. The proper technique he will be using is called skoshing. He will pull his scraper across the paint at an angle that easily removes the paint. This method also keeps the wood from chipping. Each profile scraper has its own attributes but as you can see, can also perform similar work.