Hoop Driver

5/5 (6 customer reviews)


  • Used for driving, tightening, loosening and removing barrel hoops
  • This new design offers the user a wider striking surface for less mishits
  • Heat treated driver head provides a tool with excellent durability
  • Socket offers grooved driving face 2 3/4” long with slight radius to better fit hoop shape
  • Custom hardwood handle fitted with steel ring at top of handle provides additional support against striking blows
  • Overall length: Approx 10”
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  1. Sivan (verified owner)

    Such a great tool. I just wish it came with an extra employee to do all the work for me! Perfect for tightening up loose barrel hoops while swelling.

  2. Kevin Curtis (verified owner)

    Must have tool for anybody that makes, repairs, fills or handles whiskey barrels. Been using this exact same tool for 24 years in the bourbon industry. No replacement or facsimile available. This is the one and only original.

  3. Lorenzo Alvarado (verified owner)

    Stortz & Sons is about making quality products and that why we bought from them. Our barrel cooper didn’t skip a beat when we asked for tools. They said Stortz & Sons is what we wanted.
    The hoop driver we purchased went right to work once it arrived. Best tool in the house. Thank you S&S!

  4. Joe (verified owner)

    Quality and reliable hoop drivers. Thanks Stortz & Son for your great customer service!

  5. Rick A Taylor (verified owner)

    Excellent size and weight for our application. Very timely delivery.

  6. Jada Borum (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have ordered this tool from Stortz. My last one lasted over 4 years with daily all day use. I definitely got my $ worth out of it. Other ones don’t seem to last as long. I appreciate you all making such a great product for my barrel furniture business. It’s the most important tool in my shop and I choose Stortz.

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