Round End Triangle Paint Scraper – 351-A

5/5 (5 customer reviews)


  • One corner is rounded to give the ability to scrape tight concave profiles as well as  flat surfaces with the other sides.
  • Blade will not loosen like inter-changeable blades
  • Can be re-sharpened with a file or stone
  • Heat treated, razor sharp blades for tight profiles
  • Will not damage wood like sanders or power washers
  • Using this scraper will create the least dust and maintain the safest work environment
  • Blade Length – 3”
  • Blade Width – 2”
  • OAL – 9”
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  1. Donald Rush (verified owner)

    This is the only paint scraper you’ll ever need.

  2. Bruce Held (verified owner)

    A quality made product!! Does the job well

    shirt size XL

  3. Andy Politz (verified owner)

    Well built, as a term to describe the construction of stortz scrapers, falls short of the relative quality of these scrapers to the general quality of many tools produced today.
    These could easily get the this-baby-is-gonna-last-100-years certification! Great series of tools.

  4. Steve Marshall

    My “go to” for sash restoration

  5. Morgan Reinart (verified owner)

    Low cost, but quality scrapers used for all of our painter apprentices at Old Home Rescue.

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