Stortz Slate Hammer

5/5 (9 customer reviews)


  • The Stortz Slate Hammer is a must have tool for the professional slater
  • Well balanced and weighted for precision striking and trimming of slate pieces
  • Trim on back of slate to leave a professional chamfered edge look to finished pieces
  • Pointed end of hammer for punching perfect nail holes
  • All leather handle
  • Point claw and hammer face are all heat treated to withstand tough use
  • Breakdown of hammer uses and features here
  • Head Face – 3/4″ x 7/8″
  • Overall Length – 12 1/2″
  • Weight –  26 oz


  1. Christopher Gentile

    Best Slate hammer I feel well balanced top quality made and great design still tried and true on the roof

  2. Francesco Luise (verified owner)

    Best Slate Hammer in the game! Lasts forever. Top quality! Only one we ever use.

  3. Ross Bismark (verified owner)

    Great products

  4. William Townsley

    Great balance well hardened hammer I’ve tried a few different types of slate hammer this one is by far the best good things I like about the hammer are waffle round head hardened point for putting holes slates brass pomal at bottom of handle. Bad point hammer is 2-3oz light

  5. Steven (verified owner)

    Great hammer. Weight and balance is spot on. The head is a fair bit bigger than my other hammer but I’m getting used to it. Leather stacked handle is smooth but not laquered- which gives the perfect amount of grip right out of the box. Made in Germany to boot.

  6. Miles Jenness, Vermont Heavy Timber llc

    This is a great hammer. I’ve had and used it for years and really like the balance, weight and design. If I ever need another slate hammer I’ll definitely get another of these.

  7. Brett Traylor (verified owner)

    Love this hammer and appreciate the Stortz legacy of quality products.

  8. Paul Mulligan

    Best hammer around

  9. jason h oakes

    Ordered a wuko came on time . I’ve dealt with this company off and on for many years, never a problem. Always helpful. & top quality tools. Never any cheap made junk .

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