Stortz Paint Scraper 8 Pack

5/5 (7 customer reviews)


  • Sharp, non loosening blade, re-sharpens with file or stone
  • Use on paint, varnish, glue, putty & caulk
  • Great for sash restoration, moldings, and furniture
  • Less dust = safe work
  • *Call if you would like to substitute various scrapers for same deal*
  • Note: Free Shipping is offered for continental US shipments only

Scrapers Include:
143-D – Oval Paint Scraper
144-A – Half Oval Blade Paint Scraper
145-A – Square End Panel Blade Paint Scraper
351-A – Round End Triangle Scraper
356-C – 2″ Triangle Paint Scraper
356-D – 2 1/2″ Triangle Paint Scraper
356-E – 3″ Triangle Paint Scraper
445-A – Round End Panel Blade Paint Scraper

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  1. Michael Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great quality tools. Stay sharp and fit the grooves, nooks, crannies abs curves I needed them to.

  2. Trent Ripley (verified owner)

    The website was easy to navigate, the package arrived promptly and the tools are high quality and perform beautifully. A great company!

  3. MJ (verified owner)

    Excellent quality tools.

    The package arrived just a few days after my order. A very good company.

  4. Constance (verified owner)

    I ordered this set because of the assortment. Great shapes and sizes for trim, molding, and windows. They feel comfortable in my hand, easy to grip, very sharp, and protective covers with velcro.

  5. woodworkingrich (verified owner)

    Good scrappers. You may want to wood burn your name into the handles, the print comes off easily. I’d also recommend making a concave profile for wooden window sashes. You have several convex but no concave scrapers. Are the scrapper blades removable and do you offer replacements?

  6. 10dervittles

    Best scrapers on planet earth. Very well made. Will last a long time. Wish all tools were made like these.

  7. John Rios (verified owner)

    Great product. Very sharp right out of the box. Had to strip paint from several ornate cedar garage doors. Scrapers worked great.

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