Square End Panel Blade Paint Scraper – 145-A

5/5 (18 customer reviews)


  • The square panel is best suited for wider flat surfaces
  • Blade will not loosen like inter-changeable blades
  • Can be re-sharpened with a file or stone
  • Heat treated, razor sharp blades for tight profiles
  • Will not damage wood like sanders or power washers
  • Using this scraper will create the least dust and maintain the safest work environment
  • Blade Width Bottom – 1 3/8”
  • Blade Width Top – 7/8”
  • Blade Length – 2 7/8”
  • OAL – 9”
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  1. Mike flexer (verified owner)

    This is a great hook shave. I own the crown hook shaves and they needed a lot of tune up before I could use them, this shave was ready to use out of the box.

  2. Billor (verified owner)

    This and the two other scrapers I bought from you made a hard job much easier. Your scrapers are strong and I have no doubt I will use them again and again.

  3. TJ (verified owner)

    Great for getting the putty out of windows, very sharp. Was easily able to restore the sharpness as described in your videos. Great product.

  4. JS (verified owner)

    Great tool. Solid construction. I was looking for something as good as the old [discontinued] Pro-Prep line. This is it.

  5. jeremykindall (verified owner)

    The Square End blade is a great tool! I have very slightly rounded one corner for more delicate work but left the others sharp so I can really dig in. Will be sharpening up the edges when they need it, but worked great right out of the box. I spend a lot of time scraping old windows and this tool, being well-made and evenly weighted, makes it a little less of a cumbersome job. Highly recommended!

  6. Jeremy Kindall (verified owner)

    These tools are indispensable for daily use in our busy window restoration shop. The blades and ferrules stay where they should, the handles are strong and durable and now that we’re on to the second set, we’ll be grinding the first ones to suit individual window profiles. A truly great product at ridiculously good prices (thanks for that!).

  7. Ryan (verified owner)

    The Square End Panel Blade Paint Scraper – 145-A is another great tool. The handles on Stortz scrapers are very comfortable and the blades come very sharp. If you are a tradesman that demands the best tools to provide the best job possible then Stortz paint scrapers are for you. The shipping was fast and the scrapers were packaged well. I will recommend them to other tradesmen.

  8. susan santanello (verified owner)

    This is a Great Nicely Weighted Scraping Tool that holds its edge for quite a long time. We are using them to remove the old finish off our log home and they Rock

  9. Scott Kindred (verified owner)

    If you are stripping window frames you need one of these

  10. Tom Hagarty (verified owner)

    Best scraper I have found since the Pro Prep .

  11. Andy Politz (verified owner)

    This is so much better built than most every similar tool I own, there is almost no comparison.
    I bought a handful of scrapers to remedy a very poorly installed floor I am refinishing. With a few of these, I can most quickly fair out deep low spots.

  12. Andrew Meyer (verified owner)

    Home user that sprang for the pro tool for window restoration and stripping projects. This thing is night and day over the paint store items. Comfy, precise, frighteningly sharp, and the angled corners give me access to all the books and crannies. Worth it.

  13. patrick tafoya (verified owner)

    I purchased these scrapers to scrape my barn before painting. These are sharp and do the job well. I did have a tutorial from one of your people that shows how to use the scraper properly. The tutorial was very helpful. Thanks Stortz.

  14. Maria (verified owner)

    I purchased a number of Stortz paint scrapers after finding them online. Since then, I’ve scraped my entire She shed using these scrapers and a heat gun and a few quick sharpenings in between. The Square End Panel Blade worked perfectly under the slats of the roof. This area was hard to get to, but this tool did the job. I highly recommend them!

  15. Jon (verified owner)

    Solid tool, great quality. Removing paint and glaze from windows, this is a great all around tool for broad surfaces or small corners. Before, I was using a putty knife or paint scraper to remove window glazing, and ended up with a lot of cracked glass. So far, I’ve scraped glaze from nine window panes, and no broken glass. Highly recommend.

  16. Tim Colon (verified owner)

    Bought this to clean out the rabbet on a bunch or single pane windows it is the perfect tool for the job so glad to have found John Stortz & Son. Quality Tool.

  17. Jake (verified owner)

    I have the blessing – and the curse of owning an old home with a seemingly endless amount of deteriorating paint. I tried many scrapers and have thrown most if not all into the dump. Not this one. It stays strong, stays sharp, is a cinch to maintain. Coupled with a heat gun my life has become much much easier.

  18. Carson (verified owner)

    I needed a scraper to remove the old finish on a salvaged five panel door that I’m refinishing and this was the perfect tool for getting in to the narrow panels that my sander couldn’t reach.

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