2280918_origAre you tired of setting up roof brackets for simple repairs? Let the Slator save you time AND make your life easier.

The SLATOR, invented in 2015 by an SRCA member and Stortz client, is a single plane anchoring system designed to support a ladder quickly and easily on steep roofs to provide tradesmen quick, safe access to hard to reach areas.  It also serves as an OSHA compliant anchor point for 1 person and gear less than 310 pounds.  It is NOT a ridge anchor.  The SLATOR works well on asphalt shingle roofs as well.  The patented stainless steel Bibby with a handle is used to separate hot asphalt shingles and to also repair anchor holes left by the SLATOR, other anchors, satellite dishes or holes left by siding crews.

Simplified Set Up Instructions

  1. Fasten the tongue of the SLATOR into a roof rafter with (3) 4″ long SLATOR-approved fasteners.  Remove slate as necessary or go directly through asphalt shingles into the roof rafter. Video explaining why to use SLATOR-approved fasteners.
  2.  Lift white clamping bracket and install ladder on 2nd or 3rd rung.
  3.  Lower clamping bracket into place and tighten.  Install last (3) SLATOR-approved fasteners through the clamping bracket slot and clearance holes directly into the roof rafter.
  4.  Safely ascend ladder to access repair or install additional fall protection.

The SLATOR nearest the roof eave, makes an excellent OSHA compliant anchor point for a worker on the scaffolding OR it also serves well as a tie off point to keep the scaffolding secure.  Visit the website www.slator-usa.com for additional tips or view the full downloadable instructions in PDF format, Slator instructions.

Video on How the Slator Works for Slate Roof Repairs

  • 5415138_origPriority! Always strive to get your anchor point above you as soon as possible. If your anchor point is below you, your fall distance is twice the length of your rope from the anchor to your harness. Then, when your deceleration device activates it may stretch 4 more feet and then, the distance from the “D” ring on your harness to your feet might be 5 more feet.
  • Fasteners are a critical component of an OSHA Compliant System. The SLATOR and SLATOR-mini have been designed to perfectly fit the SLATOR-approved fasteners. These fasteners have been tested, screw in easily with a cordless impact driver, are helpful for locating roof rafters because they are not fully threaded, have a coating that wears off so it’s possible to see if a fastener has ever been used and they come in a conveniently sized box of 120, just perfect for keeping 1 box in every work truck! Never compromise your OSHA Compliant System by using fasteners for securing an anchor point for fall protection more than once. Use a FRESH fastener for every installation.

Don’t Forget the Bibby for Asphalt Shingle Repairs

Bibby Installation Instructions