Metal Roof to Wall Transition – Using an angle bisector to create a “dogs ear” or “bread pan” fold to an exact roof pitch has advantages.

  • No soldered or sealant joint to weaken or leak over time
  • Determining and bending at the correct angle alleviates unnecessary stress on the metal fold
  • This is a traditional forming method and is not unsightly.  Can be used in places that can be viewed from the ground.

Tools used:

  • Bevel (angle finder) – Definitely worth investing in a solid trusty bevel when working with copper details
  • Bow Divider – The bow divider is essential for finding angle bisectors and scribing arcs
  • Rau 116 Crimping Tool – The crimper starts pigs ear fold and moves the material in the right direction
  • Deep Tongs –  Wide range of jaw widths and throat depths. They will last a lifetime

If you are interested in obtaining the full 1.5 hour instructional video, please call Stortz Tools  (215-627-3855).