snow-guardsSnow Guards Protect

  • People
  • Entry ways, walkways, driveways
  • Parking Spaces
  • Gutters
  • Vent Pipes
  • Roof Mounted Signs
  • Skylights
  • Expensive Landscaping
  • Emergency Exits

How Many Snow Guards Will I Need?

cottage-1_1389_detailDetermined by:
Roof slope, rafter length, climate, roofing material, holding capacity of the snow guard, building orientation, and location

Questions to ask:

What snow guard layout / pattern should I use?
What type of roof is it? Standing seam, trapezoidal panel, snap lock, ribbed, slate, tile, shingle
What material is the roof made up? Certain metals can have detrimental reactions to others
What style of snow guard do you prefer?
What are the dimensions of the roof?
What region of the country are you in?


img_7243What’s the #1 reason snow guards fail?
Snow guards fail because not enough of them are installed.

Do snow guards keep all the snow and ice on the roof?
No. Snow guards are specifically designed to prevent entire roof loads of snow from dumping or avalanching all at once. Small amounts of snow and ice will still melt off.

Why choose a rail system over a pad / screw in snow guard system?
Rail style systems are typically used on steep roofs or when heavy snow loads occur.

Recommended adhesives – Surebond SB-190 for Kynar Painted Roofs, Surebond SB-895 for Galvanized or Galvalume Roofs


Installation Instructions:

SnowGuardInfoSnow guards are generally placed the first three rows, 24 inches on center with the middle row staggered 12 inches starting at the outer wall or outer most roof support. The remaining snow guards are evenly spaced to the top 10 feet of the rafter. The top 10 feet of rafter does not require snow guards except in extreme snow load areas.
The lower the slope, the further snow-guards need to be spaced apart.
Low slope 0 to 2/12 – In a staggered pattern, space guards 12″ on center horizontally along the eave line. Place one row for every 50′ of the roof’s run from eave to ridge.
3/12 – 6/12 – One row staggered perlin to perlin or 12″ on center horizontally using glue for ever 25′ of roof.
6/12 Slope and Up – One row for every 12′ of roof from eave to ridge. Place guards 12′ on center in a straight row. One for each foot of roof plus one for each row required.

Slate or Shingle Installation

Vertical spacing between each row is 12″ to 18″ depending on the exposure. Horizontal spacing is 24″ on center. First row of snow guards should be placed on the third row up of roofing. Three row layout pattern is needed for every 15′ of the roof’s run.