Hans-Peter KoenneckeI sent a message to Hans Peter Koennecke asking if I could display pictures from his Master Roofer’s School held in Cologne, Germany.  A group of skilled craftsmen gather and produce slate art which is incredible due to the detail and time involved.

More pictures are found on Hans’ Facebook page which I’ve linked above.  Other teachers of the school include Uwe Bierbaum and Puma Kater. I apologize ahead of time for the titles that I’m giving the most literal meanings to.


City Goat by Mattias Krings
Slate applied to the template.
City Goat


Journeymen by Michael Heise
Michael Heise


Sailing by Gina Ixkes
Sailing by Gina Ixkes


Paraglider by Markus Vitt
Paraglider by Markus Vitt


Parrots by Fadi Bichtawi
Fadi Bichtawi


Motorcycle by Michael Fleiger


Coat of Arms by Stefan Crespodiez


Eagle by Ben Cloth

Magic Emblem by Michael Krause

Coat of Arms by Sascha Schildgen
Sascha Schildgen

Buddha by Sascha Schildgen
Sascha Schildgen

The Full Collection
A collection of all slate work.