The Seaming Pro v2.0 is back in stock. This new model still provides the roofer ultimate versatility. 3 functions in 1 tool – Single seaming, double seaming, and seam cutting/removal. This lightweight, portable power seamer attaches to a cordless drill and offers tightly closed seams in one pass. This model also offers multple drill connection points for tight spaces. 

Other improvements from the prior model are hightlighted below.

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1. Single or Double Lock Seaming

Changing the wheels on the Seaming Pro is quick and painless. The seamer comes ready to perform double locking out of the box. If single lock only is required, just remove the back two seaming wheels (C & D). Allen wrenches are included.

2. Seam Cutting / Seam Removal


The most unique feature of the Seaming Pro v2.0 is its seam cutting capability being built into the seamer. The Seaming Pro can fully remove 1″ & 1.5″ high mechanical lock seams only up to 24 gauge. Do not try to use on 2″ or snap lock seams.

Directions for utilizing cutting:

Using the included Allen wrench, remove all seaming wheels and position the four green wheels in the “A” & “B” positions. Then put cutting wheels in the “C” position. Then you are ready to adjust the tension for cutting. The tension adjustment is the most important aspect of getting good cutting results and is described in detail in the instructions.

3. Durable Case Included

If you have ever purchased a power seamer, you know that it can be difficult to find the proper protective case to store the machine in. This seamer comes with an upgraded durable all-weather case to protect your investment.