Anyone Can Solder! VIDEOS TO HELP

Soldering is the technique of joining two metals that would not easily fuse together using an alloy. In the sheet metal roofing trade, soldering copper is most commonly thought of. Other materials that are commonly soldered in the field are lead coated copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and zinc. 

Soldering is a skill that needs to be developed over time through practice. It is worth noting that with the right set up (tools, abrasives, flux), the process can be fairly easy for a beginner to pick up. Yes your seam may not look as pretty as a seasoned solderer, but it can be equally as effective at keeping water out.

If you are a complete beginner and need to understand the essentials, check out our SOLDERING 101 ESSENTIALS blog post

Soldering Tips: Videos to Help

Majority of people are visual learners. The videos below are real life soldering scenarios that can give you an idea of how to utilize your iron. Remember that solder chases heat. You want to get the metal hot in the joint, not just the seam. Use the heat to suck the solder into the seam.


Using a tacking method establishes a bond between the metals before you commit to sweating a joint/seam. This is particulartly important if you are soldering pieces that are not fully lapped.


Vertical Soldering

Ask any tradesman who solders in the field and they will agree that vertical soldering is the most difficult technique. Work from the top down, get the metal nice and hot, and be patient.


Vertical Soldering

This video shows a real world application on a roof in Paris, France. Notice the metal fabrication techniques and the tools he uses to complete the project. The pliers are heavily relied upon to apply pressure to the metal being soldered.