We Have Added Fixed & Expansion Cleats to our Product Line!

Clips are an integral part to any roofing system. Incorrect clip selection, installation, or quantity can result in total roof failure. We offer fixed and expansion cleats for both 1″ & 1.5″ mechanical lock roofing systems. See below for tips on your clip material & quantity selection.

Fixed vs Expansion Cleats

For low slope/longer panel lengths, use fixed cleats in the center of the panel and expansion cleats toward the ridge and the eave. This will essentially split the expansion at each end in half



For medium pitch/shorter panel runs, move the fixed cleats closer to the ridge.





On steep pitches, the fixed cleats can be placed at the ridge with the expansion cleats towards the ridge.

How Far Do Materials Actually Expand at Different Temperatures?


How Many Clips Should Be Used?

  • A general rule to abide by is 1 cleat per every 1.5 sq. ft of  roof area.  This means that determining your qty of cleats needed is a simple calculation: sq ft. of roof area / 1.5 = number of cleats for the roof


Cleat Spacing

  • 12″ wide panel: space cleats every 18″
  • 18″ wide panel: space cleats every 12″
  • 24″ wide panel: space cleats every 9″

*** The perimeter of the roof is what is most subject to wind uplift. This means that you should cut the cleat spacing in half around the ridge, eaves, and perimeter.



Fixed Cleat Forming Tools

If you want to have the ability to form perfect fixed cleats for either 1″ or 1.5″ high panels, consider purchasing a forming tool. These bench mounted devices form the cleat with 2 indentations for nails with the pull of a handle. You first need to cut the material into a specific template size.