Soldering is Expensive

New irons and tips replace worn out equipment. Bar solder needs are a constant expense. Once you buy a certain brand of iron, it makes sense to stick with it for economical sense. Learn why the Sievert line of irons may be worth your hard earned dollars.

About Sievert

Sievert AB is a Swedish company that has been in business since 1882. Their soldering irons are a powerful heat source that run effectively in all weather conditions. With 130 years in business, you can be sure you are buying a proven design. 

Why choose the PSI3380?

  • Portable – Easily get into gutters with no hose
  • Comfortable – Perfect position for easy soldering
  • Heat source – Strong gas flow immediately noticeable 
  • Protective Case – Convenient for transport and extended longevity

Can You Afford the SIK1-10?

The SIK1-10 is made out of diamonds and encrusted with a gold soldering tip. For $705, this iron will also do your dishes. Why spend $705 for a soldering iron? Most people don’t. However, for the select few who do, they are greeted with reliability and durability. The iron produces a strong propane gas flow and all the bells and whistles like a quick connect and canvas bag. 

Economy Model ESK1-10

Rodded soldering tips are interchangeable among various brands and this iron gives that option for multi tip usage. Read about the these types of tips in our blog post. This iron is a great starter iron that brings forth all of the positive aspects of the Sievert Brand