Our most popular Finish Seamer gets a makeover!

The Biegetec PVC Finish Seamer has been one of the most popular locking tools year after year. Its unique design allows the user to lock the first stage and the second stage without needing a second tool. In addition, the PVC jaws keep the panels paint finish from being scratched in the process.

A few design changes have been made to the original model that are to improve the users experience. If you have not seen the original in use, check out the video on the bottom of this post. 

Biegectec Finish Seamer 2.0 – What’s New?

1. Rubber Covers = Improved Seam Grip

In the past, if your panel being seamed is damp for any reason, you may experience slipping of the PVC on the finish bend. This can be combatted by applying additional pressure downward with your bodyweight. To combat this issue the Finish Seamer 2.0 has rubber covers in order to improve surface grip on the seam.  See the photos, or better yet, try for yourself.

2. Stronger Handle Construction


The Finish Seamer 2.0 has a stronger weld connection from the handle to the jaws. The new model also has flattened handles at the grip portion for a more ergonomic tool. The handles still finish in a upright “V” shape that can be achieved while standing on the roof surface.

3. Stronger Pin & Washer Design


A new pin is being used on the Finish Seamer 2.0 which is stronger and will prevent breakage as easily. This is one common replacement on the old models when too much force is applied over time. Ultimately, a longer lasting tool before it needs any parts.

Same Great Performance!