The Draco family of power shears has been producing quality cutting tools for various sheet metal trades since 1951.  They are a multi-national group doing business with more than 60 foreign agencies.  At Stortz Tools, we are adopting some of the Draco cutting shears in order to offer our customers another specialty cutting product to increase their productivity in shop environments.  Here is what we are now stocking in our warehouse.

1) The Draco Metal Shear SD5-1 (up to 1mm steel)  SD5-1

The SD5-1 is one of Draco’s electrically powered sheet metal shear.

Draco SD5-1 Metal Shear Capacity

This is a great all-purpose metal shear.  The shear has 2 cutting blades that remove a 3mm section of the material while cutting.  Unlike a traditional nibbler, the waste is not discharged but rather stays in one piece and coils up for easy disposal.  You can cut relatively tight radii with this tool (approx. 2″ radii) and curved cutting is easily handled.

The SD5-1’s ability to create burr free cuts is one of its biggest assets.  The “nibbling” aspect leaves the material with no distortions and the high quality blades keep the cuts extra clean.  The working speed is impressive at 20-36ft/min and the tool is lightweight and compact.   The shear runs on electricity and you will most likely need to hook it up to an extension for proper use because the 12ft cord will only get you so far.

2) The Draco Metal Shear 3514-2 (up to 2mm steel)      Draco3514-2  

This powered shear is ideal for cutting spiral ducting, roof & wall claddings, double lock seams, Pittsburgh seams, mesh and wire, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, Zinc), and other sheet metals.  The capacity of the shear is what separates it from the SD5-1.  It is capable of handling 6 times folded through sheet metal seams! That means it is capable of cutting through a standing double locked seam.

Draco 3514-2 Cutting Capacity

Once again the high quality of the cutting shears lead to burr free cutting and the tool is relatively easy to control and make accurate cuts along marked lines.

This video does not show the exact model described in the post but displays the product in use.