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Long life tips have a ZINNLUX coating on their surface that enables them to be worked for 5-6 times that of a standard copper tip without “pitting” or losing shape. The special coating protects the copper core from aggressive soldering fluids and deposits on the surface. The tips are ready to use out of the package and virtually maintenance free.


How to Maintain

There is virtually nothing you need to do in order to enjoy the long lasting benefits of this iron tip. There are however, things that you need not do.



No need to pre-tin the iron using a sal ammoniac block and solder. Just heat and start soldering. The special coating will promote a good flow of solder into the joint.


The special coating of the long life tips should not be filed or reshaped. Filing at the tip will strip off the durable coating and get to the copper substrate underneathe. 


Long life tips coatings should not be dipped while hot like standard tips. In order to clean them after use, just wipe them with a damp rag while cooling down.

Awesome tool, this is my second tip, the first lasted over a year and I never had to tin or reshape. Great product. Definitely recommend this for anyone that solders.

Chris P

verified owner

Does exactly what I need it to do. Great Product.

Joe W.

verified owner

The product and service is amazing, they helped with any questions I had

James F.

verified owner


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