What Happened in 2022?

  • The residential re-roofing sector for metal specifically rose from 12% to 15% in 2020. Homeowners are increasingly choosing to replace their old roofs (often asphalt shingle) with metal.
  • Steel remains the most popular choice for metal roof material.
  • The future outlook of metal roofing is positive with more growth upcoming.
  • Now is a great time to learn the skills of metal roofing and offer homeowners the pleasure of owning a metal roof.

Metal Roofing is AWESOME – Here’s Why


  • Durability – Class A fire rating & withstanding of hurricane force winds
  • Longevity – Steel roofs are 50+ year investments. This increases the overall value of your home. When buying a house, knowing the roof will need to be replaced shortly is a real deterrent
  • High Thermal Efficiency – Reduce cooling and heating costs 
  • Recyclability – 100% recyclable, metal is a sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing choice

Challenges Up Ahead

Material Availability:

    • Materials such as copper are having supply chain bottlenecks that are causing prices to rise and availability to shrink.

Rising Supply Costs:

    • We are seeing prices rise on many products and material. Some of this is absorbed, and some is passed on to the final consumer. Pricing of jobs will need to stay competitive in order to compete with other roofing materials. It is worth noting that other industries are suffering from the same issues.

Recruiting/Retaining Talent:

    • This is a common issue among businesses. The training and interest in the metal trade is not properly nurtured. This is a societal problem that values technology over the craftsmen that provide the hard physical labor.
    • Metal roofing is skilled labor and should be treated as such. Wages should be reasonable and training should be provided. Specialty metal technique classes do exist on a limited basis.

Selling homeowners to invest in their homes

    • Unfortunately in the USA, we live in a throwaway society. Many new houses are constructed cheaply and have corners cut to keep costs down. However, there is a reckoning occurring and people are beginning to move back toward respecting trades and the value they provide. Why bother investing in your home if you intend to move within 5 years after purchasing? 
    • In previous generations, home ownership was taken with pride. People invested in their homes with intention to remain for generations.

Mother Nature & Metal Roofing

  • Every year it seems as though mother nature has it in for the human race. The unrelenting nature of natural disasters mean that new houses and specifically new roofing opportunities will be available year after year. Encouraging homeowners to rebuild with better materials, like metal roofing.
  • Hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires are three particularly damaging naturally occurring events that leave homes ravished. The metal roofing industry is staring at a huge opportunity to boast its fireproof and wind resistant benefits to consumers living in prone areas. While incredibly unfortunate that these events happen in the first place. We can rebuild and be more prepared in the future.

Here’s to covering our homes and buildings with metal in 2022!