Dach und Holz 2024

The 2024 Dach und Holz trade show was held in Stuttgart, Germany on March 5th-8th, 2024. It is attended by over 51,000 professionals and has over 500 suppliers/vendors from over 26 countries exhibiting. There are 6+ exhibition halls that range from flat roof, sloped roof, timber/construction technology, tools/machines, and wall/facade. It starts on a Tuesday and runs from 9am to 6pm. The show caters to craftsmen, apprentices, contractors, distributors, and anyone with an interest in construction.

Stortz tools spent two days viewing the exhibition halls meeting with their international vendors, of which are becoming more numerous. These contacts and connections help us be certain we are up to date with the latest offerings. We learn about new tools that are arriving to the market and gain valuable information on what other areas to explore into. This year was no different as we’ll be introducing brakes, pan formers, and gutter accessories to the US market. Here’s a look at a few of the booths that we visited.

Exhibitor Booths

Prized Projects – There is a sheet metal workshop booth where craftsmen demonstrate their skills. There is also a competition where judges rate installation techniques that takes place throughout the show days.

Freund –  Stortz & Freund have been working together since the 1980’s, and both businesses began in the 1800’s. It’s great to see PF Freund continue to innovate with a new one size fits all pipe expander, see through pliers, and a few other new to market tools.

Wuko – An Austrian company known for their roll bending tools. Their product offering also includes power seamers, pan formers, and sheet metal working tools.

Stubai – An Austrian company that is known for their outstanding quality of sheet metal hand tools. Their line also carries into woodworking, mountaineering, and forestry tools. A new seaming plier made of aluminum that is extremely light weight and offers incredible strength will be available soon.

Buschmann – Known for their bending tools and seamers, Buschmann has developed new seamers, cutting tools, and pipe expanders.

Express – A French company known for their expertise in soldering and torch equipment. A few new types of irons will be hitting the market shortly.

Perkeo – A German soldering company known for high quality soldering iron and torches.

MASC – A German company known for unique adjustments to existing tools to enhance their value.

Clampine – A Polish company who specializes in a standing seam roof anchor.

Bessey – Snips and clamps are their specialties.

Sievert – A Swedish manufacturer of soldering irons and torches.

Sievert Trade Show Booth