Elten Roofing Shoe

andersonloops3You’ve tried Cougar Paws, Red Wing Work Boots, and now you are looking for a steel tip boot that provides strength and comfort. German company Elten has your answer. This is a pre-order and lead time will be ~3 weeks. If you see another shoe on the Elten website that you’d be interested in, contact us.

Elten was established in 1910 and now produces approximately 2 million shoes a year. The Elten Anderson Loop S3 Hi is regarded as a top notch roofing shoe in Europe.  Yes they are expensive but with open minds and feedback from you, we will bring forth a shoe unlike the others on the market with safety and comfort as a top priority.

Halder Simplex Mallet 

3108.040Less than 1lb sheet metal detail mallet that brings strength in a lightweight hammer. The nice part about this hammer is it also has removable striking discs so once they wear out, they can be replaced without buying a brand new hammer. It also gives the option of interchanging discs to have a dual purpose hammer. Visit this Halder page for the full offering. Inquire with us for other options on striking discs.

Beran Combination Snipsberansnips
Be the first on your block to buy an extremely pricey pair of snips. We literally have 3 pair in house. The quality is impeccable. These are not snips you lend out. They will cut thicker gauge stainless and last a lifetime. An investment that you won’t be making again. For the true sheet metal craftsmen, this is an item to brag to your friends about.

Masc Pry Toolmascprytool

A tool that is specially designed to pry sheet metal away from tight positions such as a drip edge. It hopefully is not going to be used often but will come in handy when needed. Lead time is 3 weeks on this item.

Sheet Metal DVD Training Film

chimneytrainingAn advanced film in sheet metal techniques for roofs. It is a 90+ minute long film broken down in roughly 10 chapters. The only downside is that it is entirely in German. Techniques include finishing details on the eaves, how to seam wall transitions , flashing detail around a chimney, and how to prepare your panel with bow dividers and scribes.  We’ve been working to get an English version but it will most likely take quite some time.