Where We Are

2017 was a fantastic year for metal roofing!  The metal market currently captures 14% of the entire roofing market in the United States and is trending in the right direction.  In fact, the entire construction industry is booming. As reported by Metal Roofing Magizine, the USA construction industry added 210,000 positions in 2017 which equates to a 35% growth from 2016. The need for qualified installers is higher than ever and metal is making a push towards an increased part of the pie.

Where Are We Going?

For a variety of reasons, the predictions are highly optimistic for metal roofing in 2018

  • Favorable economic conditions
  • Record breaking construction spending
  • Business friendly environment
  • High storm activity – reinforces benefits of choosing metal + roof replacements/repairs increase

Zinc Sloped PanelsThe specific advantages that make metal roofing so appealing to consumers are being reinforced every year making the market easier to sell into.  Metal roofing has a great ability to withstand severe conditions.  High wind resistance ratings and high fire resistance have proved more valuable than ever to homeowners since hurricanes and wildfires continue to terrorize specific areas of the country.  As the country pushes for environmentally friendly solutions, the “cool” roofing initiative is a benefit of metal.


INDUSTRY ALERT! – Where are the qualified installers?

Learning the proper installation techniques associated with metal roofing may go a long way in the future.  The anticipated increase in jobs leads to an anticipated SHORTAGE of qualified workers.  This means that your current installer becomes more valuable than previously and employers focus on training should be emphasized moving forward.

What can you do to help?

In order to benefit the industry as a whole and proceed to grow your metal roofing business, think about a couple of these points

  • Learn more about the industry as a whole and the advantages of metal
    • While I will always be impartial to the mechanical lock standing seam, you should take notice of what new products are available.  This will benefit your ability as a salesperson to better convey your products advantages to consumers
  • Keep practicing new techniques to better yourself and stand out as a premier installer
    • There are many resources for learning.  At Stortz Tools, we mainly focus on traditional techniques and roofing methods.  See our education section and note the resources below
  • Train others!
    • The demand for quality installers will be high and putting emphasis on training your employees is crucial.  Teaching a good employee can pay dividends down the line as they can train the next.
  • Sign up for industry magazines!  They’re a minimal expense and will keep you up to date on suppliers and projects around the country. We love the Metal Roofing Magazine ( www.metalroofingmag.com )

Lastly, we want to hear from you!

What do you expect the 2018 year to look like from a work standpoint?  Will business be good?  What will you be installing? Leave comments below, participate on our Facebook page, send project images and engage.