BiegetecAT, an Austrian company, has taken strides towards designing and improving the tools that we see in the metal roofing industry. Their decades of experience in sheet metal roofing shines through with products like:

  • The brand new Accu-Seamer, which is a lightweight alternative to a power seamer. It easily attaches to your drill and is used for completing both single and/or double lock jobs
  • Roll Benders that complete bends past 90° with precision and up to any length
  • Mechanical locking tools that will not scratch roofing materials, including Kynar coated steel

As partners, Stortz & BiegetecAT will continue to bring alternative solutions to common roofing problems. Let’s take a look at the product line so far.

The Accu-Seamer

The first news of the Accu-seamer came in February of this year when it was displayed at the European trade show, the Dach und Holz. With a simple drill attachment, the tool will lock the first stage of a standing seam. With a flip of the tool, you can then do the double lock in a single pass.

Watch it in use:


Why is this an improvement?

Speed – A typical power seamer can seam about 35 ft / minute. The Accu-Seamer can do 4x that. It should be noted that it will only do the 1st or 2nd stage in a single pass, and not both at the same time like a power seamer. The argument can be made that a power seamer is still faster because it can do both which is correct. Having 2 Accu-Seamers would rectify this.

Weight – This seamer will weigh less than 10 lbs!  No more lugging around a 50 lb piece of machinery. The less you can carry on a roof, the better.

Price – It will retail for $2,400. This is cheaper than a power seamer which retail for around $4,000. As I wrote about, if you get 2 of them, and spend only $800 more, you can double lock at nearly 4x the pace. Think about the time saved.

Quality – No marks on a standing seam like hand crimping will unfortunately do.

Watch the construction of the Accuseamer:


Perfect Benders

Stortz has been selling the Perfect Bender line for over 4 years now and the highest praise has been given from top craftsmen.

Why choose Perfect Bender?

  • Innovative offset bearing design allows the benders to take metal past 90°
  • Accurate bends with less force needed
  • Improved spacing for profile bends
  • Stainless steel construction for a rust proof, durable tool
  • Variable spacing by rotating a rod to accommodate thicker material


Biegetec Hand Crimpers

Biegetec has done a wonderful job designing tools that will not leave marks on panels. Who hasn’t felt that pain of a homeowner complaining about chipped paint on a metal roof panel? When using these seaming tools with a PVC insets, this is a non-issue.

PVC Finish Seamer

biegetec seamerA finish seamer that will do both the 1st and 2nd stage of a mechanical locked double seam. The tool is made as a finish seamer, but does have the capability to seam the 1st stage. It will do up to 24 gauge and works better than it’s counterparts because of the increased leverage gained from the longer handles. The added kicker is that this will not scratch your panels because of the PVC inserts. Although in cold weather, these inserts will make the metal a bit hard to “grab” in order to be seamed.

PVC Eave Closer

Perhaps not as valuable at the eave edge for concealing dings, this PVC seamer is now being brought to market. The same ergonomic design is brought forth with this seamer and makes turning 24 gauge steel under the eaves a breeze.