Stortz Perfect Bender XL-150

5/5 (6 customer reviews)

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  • The XL-150 is a roll bending tool that can form various edge profiles for your project needs.
  • Commonly used on metal roofing materials to form gable edges or male/female mechanical locking profiles while not limited by length (as a brake would be).
  • Tool is particularly useful on painted metals since the angled bearings allow you to turn a 90° flange without scratching the panel paint.
  • Used for all panel lengths.  Not limited by length like a bending brake.
  • Bending depth from 5 – 150 mm (1/4″ – 6″)
  • Capacity of 20oz copper, 24ga steel, 1 mm zinc, and .040 aluminum
  • Ruler in imperial and metric
  • Ships with heavy duty canvas carrying bag
  • Pair it with the Roller XL hemming tool and save!
  • On Site Bending

    Bend panel profiles, gable ends, drip edge with no need for a heavy shop brake.

  • Precision Bearings

    Smooth bearings make this bender enjoyable to use. All parts are stainless steel so no worry about rusting.

  • Lightweight

    Weighing in at 7lbs, the tool can be taken on the roof easily if needed.


  1. Perry Phoenix (verified owner)

    I called Stortz and asked whether this tool is capable of forming .040 aluminum material, as 1 mm is about .039. Tom Stortz confirmed it could. I purchased the tool, and have used it only on .040 so far. It seems maxed out, as one would expect, but it does work. Also, I am still learning to operate it, and have discovered if you keep it angled and roll about 1/8″ at a time, the guide rollers stay in contact with the material and it forms the metal beautifully. I have yet to try on 24 gauge steel. This is very precision tool, well designed and constructed.

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    I am using this tool to hand-form the panels for a 450 square foot double-lock standing seam metal roof. The material is 26 gauge galvalume steel roll. I am not a roofer, just a handy DIYer. The tool is sturdy and works extremely well and forms crisp corners in the bends. It does take elbow grease to use, and the sheet metal has to be clamped down to a flat and sturdy surface that won’t move around too much. For the aforementioned material, I generally have to walk the tool back and forth about 10-11 times to make each bend. You generally need to push down into the bend, and your upper arms will get a workout from this. If you feel the metal bending as you push along the metal edge, you are probably bending too much in one pass. In this case the edge of the metal may work its way off the tool’s guide rollers and the bend will start to wander away from where you want it. Just be patient and don’t rush the bend. I definitely recommend this tool.

  3. Artis Brazee (verified owner)

    This is a pricey tool; however, it is worth every penny. The fit and finish is flawless. The overall tool is very well machined, outstandingly designed, extremely accurate, and robust in every way. My initial use was 40′ standing seam pans of 24 ga. galvalume. The tool made short work of the pans and produced outstanding, consistent legs which snapped together and bent easily. This tool is of the highest quality and is a joy to use. Forming pans require the use of a table somewhat less than the width of the finished pan – in this case a 40′ 2×4 table on sawbucks. Clamping the pan to the table allows you to apply the force necessary to form crisp bends on the pan. I highly recommend this tool.

  4. J.R. August (verified owner)

    This tool is a “Must Have” in your toolbox if you are serious about installing standing seam metal roofing. You are no longer limited by the the length of your brake. The bends it makes are precise. The tool is very well made.

  5. Eric Horn (verified owner)

    Works great! Perfect bends every time with no scratches.

  6. Larry Middleton

    watched video of standing seam at a curb–and saw a log house in back ground-does any one know who manufactured it-I have one I am doing “retro” to that has 3″ hole bored end/end circa 1940- My searching has been unsuccessful. Your tools are great aids to trade etc,–last winter finally got around to fab’ing a tin man out of 16oz. copper etc,-

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