Buschmann Falz Bender

5/5 (3 customer reviews)


New Falz Bender is the ultimate roll bending tool for creating 1″ male and female seam profiles in one motion!

  • Tool set comes with both male bender and female bender in premium military grade storage case
  • Effortlessly creates perfect 1″ profiles for seaming
  • Less stress on material leads for crisp profiles – more consistent than a pan former
  • Unlimited length panel creation
  • Works on curved/radius panels
  • Ideal for tapered panels or starting panels with dual male/female edges
  • We recommend seaming with the a drill seamer like the Double FalzSeamer or the AccuSeamer for a perfect mechanical locked seam
  • Falz Bender sales page
  • Max Capacities:
    • Stainless Steel: 0.5mm (26 gauge)
    • Painted Steel: 0.7mm (24 gauge)
    • Copper, Zinc & Aluminum: 0.8mm

FalzBender Instruction Manual

  • Simple to Use

    Easy to roll perfect 1″ profiles. No experience or tool adjustments necessary.

  • Lightweight

    Unlike a pan former, no trailer is necessary. Fits next to you in the front seat of your vehicle .

  • Bend tapered/curved panels

    Makes easy work on tapered panels. Or set up a curved template and bend 1″ curved seams.


  1. Carter Larscheid

    I purchased these tools for my arsenal because they fit a very specific need for standing seam design…they allow you to modify your panel layouts on the fly. sure I have a rollformer for the field panels going the same direction, but to be able to throw a slightly out of square double male or female panel on to tie into your traditional skylights or chimney flashings without having to adjust say the buschmann perfect bender 5 times to achieve lesser results, that’s what I had been missing. Until now.. fantastic European build quality, solid protective case, worth every penny.

  2. Ray Schulze (verified owner)

    If you do 1 inch double lock, this tool is invaluable! and its actually fun to use! worth every penny.

  3. Garrett Laws

    Guys…I’m salivating but waiting for a 1 1/2″ profile.

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