Double Falz Seamer

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


  • The Double Falz Seamer is used for the seaming of single and/or double standing seam roof panels
  • For Seaming 1″ or 1.5″ high profiles – NO HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT NEEDED
  • Lightweight: 11.5lbs
  • Speed: up to 100ft / min (traditional seamers are 30ft/min)
  • The machines open architecture gives a clear look at the seaming process
  • Ships in military grade case
  • Attachable and detachable at any place on the standing seam
  • Suitable for several materials
    • Stainless Steel – 26ga (.5mm)
    • Painted Steel – 24ga (.7mm)
    • Aluminum, Copper, Zinc – .032″ (.8mm), 24oz (.8mm), .8mm
  • Double Falzseamer Instructions


  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    Great tool! Saves time doing both bends in one pass.

  2. Keith Rehbein

    I own a standing seam metal roofing company for the past 25 years with 25 guys.This tool will pay for itself within 2-3 roofs depending on size of the job. The labor is the most expensive part of the job. If you can cut your labor cost down its more money in your pocket. We have been running this style seamer on 24 gauge galvalume 20 ounce copper and 0.32 aluminum and has worked flawlessly!! Thank you!

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