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Biegetec Finish Hand Seamer

5/5 (11 customer reviews)


  • Seams both the first and second stage of a mechanical lock seam
  • Works on 1/2″ seams only
  • PVC inserts prevent scratching painted panels for a great finished look
  • Simple PVC exchange system with screws when inserts get worn
  • Handles finish in standing up position
  • 7″ Width
  • See tool in use and what other roofers think

Max Bending Thickness:
Copper / Zinc / Alum – 20oz / .8mm / 0.032
Painted Steel – 24ga
Stainless Steel – 26ga


  1. Walt

    What took so long….This seamer is a must have for anyone who does painted Aluminum or steel double lock standing seam. I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance!

  2. Todd Whitney (verified owner)

    This is definitely the seamer to have if you’re doing a painting standing seam. No worry about scratching the panel as you move along and it gives you a very tight seam. Excellent seamer.

  3. Joe Y

    We have been using this seamer for a double lock seam. We are very happy with the performance of it on both stages of the lock.

  4. Reid Parady (verified owner)

    Excellent Tool! Saves time and effort!

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    Amazing tool. Makes hand seaming much easier. Wish this tool was around years ago.

  6. Terence (verified owner)

    Great tool Makes seaming easy!

  7. Jon (verified owner)

    Very happy with this double lock hand seamer. Easy to use – lightweight – consistent seam profile – no scratches –
    Thanks Guys

  8. Mike Forman (verified owner)

    Works exactly as advertised, makes uniform seams with little effort, simple operation.

  9. William G Cara-Donna (verified owner)

    This is a well made tool, nice to have only one tool to finish both stages

  10. Tyler Flynn (verified owner)

    Very happy with purchase.

  11. Sam (verified owner)

    I am really liking this tool. I hand-formed panels with a custom profile, and am using this tool to perform the first and second stage locks on 26 gauge galvalume, with 26 gauge stainless steel cleats. For my particular panels I tilt the tool slightly to get the locks started. I make two passes for each lock, one is a partial lock, and then the second one is where I really clinch down the seam. I am not a roofer, just a DIYer. I would recommend this tool.

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