Craig Hardin from Hardin Construction is no stranger to working with mechanical lock standing seam panels. Here he shows how he single and double locks 26ga painted steel panels using the same tool for both stages.

The Biegetec Finish Seamer is ideal for any painted surfaces as it uses PVC inset jaws to prevent any scratching on the seams.  Notice how quickly he is able to run the first close and then how the tool is flipped 180° to perform the finished lock.

What took so long….This seamer is a must have for anyone who does painted Aluminum or steel double lock standing seam. I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance!


This is definitely the seamer to have if you’re doing a painting standing seam. No worry about scratching the panel as you move along and it gives you a very tight seam. Excellent seamer.

Todd Whitney

We have been using this seamer for a double lock seam. We are very happy with the performance of it on both stages of the lock.

Joe Y.