When you get to the rake edge of a roof and the roof is not perfectly square, there is a need to run a slightly tapered panel to connect to the rake trim. In this process, it is necessary to measure and cut the panel to the proper taper and then bend up a leg to connect to the rake trim. If the panel is longer than your onsite brake, we have the right tools to get the job done.

Cutting the taper: Notice how Craig uses the Stubai Combination Tin Snips to trim a 25 ft panel to the proper taper to match the roof.



Bending 90° on a 25′ panel: Using a Stortz XL-150, a 90° bend is put onto the panel to prepare to be connected to the rake trim.  Portable roll benders allow the user to bend profiles into any length panel.  Ideal for panels that exceed the standard brake length.



Forming the locking panel: The Wuko1008 Profiling Machine is capable of putting both the male and female leg into a run at once.  Here, Craig utilizes the machine to only put the male leg on the rake edge of this panel.  This will be field locked into the rake trim for completion.



Installing rake trim: Craig slides the rake trim onto his rake customized rake panel. Then locks the panel with the Biegetec Finish Seamer.