Stubai Combination Tin Snips

5/5 (9 customer reviews)



  • Long lasting HRC 60-62 special steel that outperforms big box store snips
  • Special hardened steel tin snips for both curve and long continuous cuts
  • These snips are particularly great for natural metals like copper, aluminum, & zinc due to their perfectly smooth blades and tight tolerance. However, they are suitable for work on steel panels as well
  • Polished head, Induction-hardened blades
  • Spring included and added manually
  • 2” cutting depth


  1. Terrence (verified owner)

    Received my Stubai snips today, far superior to any snips from the big boxes.

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Snips are comfortable,sharp and easy to use. Highly recommended.

  3. Lucas (verified owner)

    Highly recommended, my favorite snips, sharp, comfortable, the best snips so far

  4. Lionel Hernandez (verified owner)

    Second set of snips I have ordered from these folks. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service or the product. These are hands down the best snips I’ve ever owned, being in the custom gutter and architectural sheetmetal trade quality snips are a must. These fit the bill well.

  5. Dan Constantino (verified owner)

    We have only purchased these snips, wouldn’t get them anywhere else. They are high quality and they give good quality service. We only buy our tools from John Stortz.

  6. Denny (verified owner)

    With excellent quality and ease of use, these snips are great addition to my tool pouch.

  7. John (verified owner)

    These snips are great, they’re the kind of tool you pick up and instantly feel the quality. Immediately I noticed how much cleaner of a cut they make compared to big box store snips. Worth every penny.

  8. Navin (verified owner)

    Product arrived on time and beyond happy. They have been my favorite snips, does job perfectly.

  9. Gary (verified owner)

    I was questioning the price, but once the tools arrived, the price is worth it. The snips are amazingly well made, cut so smooth, and are a pleasure to use. If you have small hands, might be a different experience.

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