5/5 (10 customer reviews)


  • For seaming of single and double lock standing seam on straight and round panels
  • Seams up to 180 ft / min – a typical power seamer is~35ft
  • Seaming heights: 1″ or 1 1/2″
  • Simple adjusting from position 1 to 2 by rotating the seaming element
  • Works with conventional (18v, 5 amp) cordless power drills – (drill not included)
  • Accuseamer Dedicated Landing Page
  • Suitable for several materials
    • Stainless Steel – 26ga (.5mm)
    • Painted Steel – 24ga (.7mm)
    • Aluminum, Copper, Zinc – .032″ (.8mm), 24oz (.8mm), .8mm

Note: Cutting attachment wheels are not available. This product is for seaming only.

  • Seam Faster

    Power Seamers typically seam 40 ft per minute. The AccuSeamer can seam 180 ft per minute.

  • Lightweight

    Nobody likes carrying 50+lb machinery around. The 10lb AccuSeamer is lightweight and portable.

  • No Crimp Marks

    There are no crimp marks left by the AccuSeamer when compared to hand crimping small sections.


  1. Keith Rehbein (verified owner)

    If you’re in the Metal Roofing business the AccuSeamer Is A Must!! My Guys Love This Tool! It paid for itself in a month’s time.


    This tool is everything they advertise – lighter, faster and cheaper. Tool is a must have!!

  3. james jadacki

    AccuSeamer is awesome, easily the best metal roofing tool investment ever.

  4. JBHI LLC (verified owner)

    Works better then expected on 24 ga.

  5. Michael Lee

    This tool is definetly revolutionary. ROI after only one roof opposed to hand seaming. Worked great on a curved barrel dormer. My joints thank me too.

  6. Tyler Flynn

    Great tool paid for it self in a few jobs

  7. Michael Sheehan

    This tool has revolutionized that metal roofing game. Quick, easy and effective.

  8. Tyrel Abernathy (verified owner)

    Very efficient and easy to use! Well worth the money!

  9. Elijah Haugen (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to try this

  10. Seamus Cazeault

    We are really surprised at how well this seamer works. We have used this for more than a year and its held up great! We’re ordering another today!

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