Why Use Drill Seamers?

Are you working with mechanical lock roof panels and searching for the best way to lock the panels together? You’ve come to the right place.

Drill attached power seamers have made seaming panels together quick and affordable. Ready to ship to you today, these seamers will get you out of those rental contracts and let you own the solution to seaming panels. The ease of use, speed and consistency of a drill seamer is well worth the cost. 

To determine if you are a candidate for a drill seamer, ask yourself these questions

    1. Are you working with 1” or 1.5” mechanical lock standing seams?
    2. Are you working with 24ga steel (painted is fine), .032 Aluminum, 20oz copper, .8mm zinc, or 26ga stainless steel?
    3. Are you able to physically follow the seamer up the seam?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of owning a drill seamer. Benefits include:

    • Lightweight – SO much easier to handle up a ladder and on a pitch then its machine counterparts
    • Speed – No waiting on the machine since it moves as fast as you can up the roof
    • Easy of access – Owning your machine is so much easier than renting every time you have a low sloped job

Choosing the ideal Drill Seamer?

Since the advent of drill seamers, Stortz Tools has been bringing the latest offering to the roofers of the USA. Two machines have proven to be the most reliable and easy to use.

AccuSeamer vs Double FalzSeamer

The main difference between the machines is that the AccuSeamer requires 2 passes up the seam to achieve a double lock seam while the Double FalzSeamer requires one pass.

So why would anyone choose an AccuSeamer? The advantage of the Accuseamer comes from jobs that only require single seaming (90­° lock) or standing seam wall facades which generally are only single seamed to 90°.

For roofers that are double locking (180° lock) their panels, which is a majority, we recommend the Double FalzSeamer. This is the most efficient way of completing your roof project. Note that it is possible to single seam only by removing the back 2 wheels, however this is not a thoroughly tested suggestion.


Stortz Tools Warranty /  Repair Policy

We are a leading supplier of seaming solutions in the metal roofing industry. At Stortz Tools, we specialize in getting you the tools you need to complete your architectural sheet metal project. Here is why you should count on Stortz for your seamer purchase.

  • Machines have a 1 year warranty

If your machine is not performing properly, we will bring the machine back to us and take necessary action to repair and return it in good working order. This service is FREE within the first year of the machines life.

 *note that this does not include damage from obvious machine drops

  •  Loaner Policy

We keep a fleet of loaner machines that are able keep your job moving while your machine is repaired. If you are our customer, we are trying to keep you meeting your deadlines.

  • A Call Away – Exceptional Customer Service

Unlike our competition, you can directly call us at 215-627-3855 and we will listen and handle your needs immediately and in the best way possible. Our 171 years in business has revolved around customer service and satisfaction.

Other tools that pair perfectly with Drill Seamers

In addition to your Drill Seamer selection, you will be required to own a handtool to begin the seaming process and lock your seamer onto the panel. Don’t be concerned, we have simplified this process and now have a 2in1 combo seaming tool that works PERFECTLY with our drill seamers. 

Non-scratching, non slipping, easy to use. Pair this with your seamer purchase and you are set to crush your next 1” & 1.5” mechanical job.